Most natural products need ti be disinfected, pasteurized or sterilized and while several methods exist to these products, such as irradiation, ethylene oxide, ozone an UV, the only internationally recognized and accepted natural method is the “Organic Sterilization System (OSS)”, which efficiently steams and vacuum seals the products.

The new food safety laws are increasingly demanding when it comes to acceptable microbiological levels and even ban certain sterilization methods.

• Laws on food security and food safety in almost all countries, including Peru, are increasingly demanding when it comes to acceptable microbial levels for nutritional supplements, natural products, condiments, spices and/or prepared or ‘unprepared’ foods in general.

• The current microbial requirements governing nutritional supplements and medicinal plants are as follows:

There are 3 phases to this process




Air is extracted from the chamber and prepared for the injection of pure saturated steam.

Pure saturated steam is injected at the programmed temperature for between 1–20 minutes, thus avoiding the excessive penetration of steam and humidity.

The temperature of the treatment may vary from 65°C (disinfection) to 121°C (sterilization) depending on the initial microbial charge and the clients’ requirements.

Drying begins once the injected steam is extracted and the product is treated at a low temperature.

We can process whole, crushed and even powdered products.

The Organic Sterilization System (OSS) can treat almost any type of medicinal plants, leaves, wood, bark, grains, cereals, seeds, condiments, spices, roots, tubers and other whole, crushed and even powdered vegetables. Some examples of our product lines include: